Worksheets and resources to support the teaching and learning of initial sounds (letter sounds) in Early Years and Key Stage 1.


Initial Letter Sounds

This page contains worksheets, online activities and other educational resources to help with initial letter sounds. These form part of the National Literacy Strategy word level objectives for Reception.

Initial Sounds - Worksheets and Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
Alphabet Picture Flashcards (L) Word 'a' sheet (YR) Word
'b' sheet (YR) Word 'c' sheet (YR) Word
Mixed: b, g, m, t (YR) Word Mixed initial sounds (YR) Word
Alphabet Memory Squares IOA      

Initial Sounds - Links

NGFL Cymru: Interactive Alphabet  -  Learn to recognise, say and write the letters of the alphabet.

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Recommended Word Level Books

Phonicability Games: The Alphabet

Author:  Vera Conway, Jean De Lemos, Tony O'Donnell

Synopsis:  Initial sounds games Alphabet hide-and-seek The animal alphabet game The box games The C and F game The B and D games The V and F Game The vowels games First sounds of three-letter words

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 Last updated:  30th September 2006


First School Years - Initial Sounds