Worksheets and resources to support teaching and learning about teeth and eating (unit 3a) in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Teeth and Eating

This page contains worksheets, online activities and other educational resources to support teaching and learning about ourselves. Some may be useful when delivering QCA Scheme of Work for Science unit 3A: Teeth and Eating.

Teeth and Eating Worksheets and Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
Unit 3A: Teeth and Eating QCA Teeth Wordsearch (Across/Down only with word bank) PDF
Teeth Wordseach (All directions with word bank) PDF Teeth Wordsearch (Across/Down only, no word bank) PDF
Teeth Anagrams (Word Bank) PDF Teeth Anagrams (No Word Bank) PDF
Teeth Crossword (Word Bank) PDF Teeth Crossword (No Word Bank) PDF
Teeth Walk the Plank Quiz IOA Types of Tooth Word
Teeth and Eating Links

Bright Bites  -  Website designed to support the Bright Bites teaching pack which has been sent to all English schools. The pack, all about teeth and eating, can also be purchased online if you haven't got one.
Colgate Kid's World  -  Teeth-related games and activities.
Schoolsnet: Unit 3a: Teeth and Eating
  -  A selection of lesson plans and PDF worksheets and resources to support this QCA unit of work.
Scienceweb Unit 2a Health & Growth Resource Pack  -  Lesson plans, worksheets and an online activity.
BBC: Health and Growth  -  Interactive activity and quiz about keeping healthy.
NGFL Cymru: Healthy Eating  -  A series of interactive whiteboard screens, lesson plans and worksheets.
NGFL Cymru: Why do I need teeth?  -  An interactive whiteboard lesson in three parts.
Northwood Primary School: Teeth and Eating  -  A selection of resources to support this unit of work.
Pheasey Park Farm School: Our Teeth  -  Flash-based teeth labelling activity.
Teethwise  -  Downloadable activities and purchasable resources about teeth.
National Whiteboard Network: Teeth and Eating  -  A Powerpoint presentation covering this unit.
The Children's University of Manchester: Teeth and Eating  -  Information, quizzes and interactive presentations.

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Recommended Teeth and Eating Book

I Know Why I Brush My Teeth (Sam's Science)

Authors:  Kate Rowan, Katharine McEwan

Synopsis:  Each Sam's Science book explores an aspect of science through a conversation between young Sam and his mum. In this book Sam learns about molars, canines and incisors, baby teeth and big ones, and how to look after them all.

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