Worksheets and other educational resources to support teaching and learning about The Solar System.


The Solar System

This page contains worksheets, online activities and other educational resources to support teaching and learning about The Solar System and beyond. Some may be useful when delivering QCA Schemes of Work for Science unit 5E: Earth, Sun and Moon

Printable Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
Phases of the Moon Flashcards Word Planet Factsheet    PDF  
Planetary Anagrams PDF   PDF
Interactive Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
Arrange the Planets IOA Who Wants to be a Millionaire - The Moon  IOA  
Solar System Database* HTML   IOA

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Purchasable Solar System Resources
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Planet facts cards - A set of 12 cards (4 per A4) containing information and a photograph for each of the planets in our solar system plus Earth's moon, the Sun and an asteroid.

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The Solar System Links

Kids Astronomy  -  Includes information pages about each of the planets and space exploration as well as online games and printable colouring sheets.
All About Our Solar System  -  Planetary information, Solar System reading quizzes and links aimed at children in Grade 3 (Year 3 in the UK).
Ask an Astronomer for Kids  -  Question and answer site covering a range of astronomy related topics.
The Solar System  -  Simple site offering information for Grade 3 (Year 3) children about features of the Solar System.
NASA Kids  -  Includes animations, projects, games, information pages and a teacher's area.
NGFL Cymru: The Earth and Beyond  -  Interactive whiteboard activities, worksheets and teacher notes relating to the planets, the earth and the moon.

Recommended Solar System Books


DK Guide to Space

Author:  Peter Bond

Synopsis:  Did you know that even though Mars is a freezing cold desert today, there was a time when we could have lived there? Or that Saturn is the only planet that would float in a bucket of water? Explore the wonders of the Solar System and beyond with DK Guide to Space. Spectacular satellite photography and amazing facts await you on a truly out of this world voyage.

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