A verb is a word which is used to indicate an action. In early years education it is commonly referred to as a "doing" word.

abandon abseil accept
achieve act add
admit adore advise
agree allow amuse
annoy answer apologise
approach argue arrange
ask attack attend
avoid bake balance
ban bark bathe
bawl be become
beg begin belong
bend bet bite
blame bleed blend
blink blow blush
boast boil borrow
bounce bow brag
breathe bring brush
build burn burst
bury buy call
camp cancel capture
care carry catch
cause cease change
chant charge chase
chatter cheat check
cheer chew chirp
choose chop chuckle
claim clap clean
clear click climb
clip close coach
collect collide comb
come complain concentrate
cook cope cough
count cover crawl
creep crunch cry
cuddle curl cut
cycle dance decorate
delete deny die
diet dig dislike
disturb dive divide
do drag draw
dream dress dribble
drill drink drip
drive drop earn
eat enjoy enter
escape exercise explain
explode explore fail
fall feed feel
fetch fight fill
find finish fish
fix flick float
fly fold follow
forget forgive freeze
frown gamble get
give glare glide
glitter gloat glow
glue go gossip
grab grasp grate
greet grip grow
growl grumble grunt
guess guide hammer
hang hate haunt
have heal hear
help hide hire
hit hold hop
hope howl hug
hum hurry ignore
illustrate imagine improve
inject insult introduce
invade iron itch
jog join joke
jot juggle jump
keep kick kill
kiss knit knock
know laugh launch
lay lead leak
lean leap learn
leave lend lick
lie lift like
live load lock
look lose love
make march marry
mash measure meet
melt mend mime
mix moan move
nag need nibble
nip nod observe
obstruct obtain occupy
offer open order
pack paddle paint
pass pat pause
pay peck peek
peel perch phone
photograph pick pinch
plan plant play
plead point poke
pop post pour
practise pray press
pretend prick print
prompt protect prove
pull pump punch
push quack quarrel
race rain rake
rattle reach read
receive regret release
repair repeat replace
rescue rest return
reward ride ring
rip roar roll
row rub ruin
run rush sail
save saw say
scare scoop score
scrape scratch scream
scrub search see
seek seem sell
send serve set
sew shake share
shave shine shop
show shrink shrug
shut sing sink
sit skate sketch
ski skip slam
slap sleep slide
slip smash smell
smile snatch sneak
sneeze sniff snore
snow solve speak
spell spend spill
spin splash spoil
spray spread sprint
spy squash squeak
squeeze squirt stamp
stand stare start
stay steal steer
stick sting stink
stir stop store
stretch stroke study
sulk swear sweat
sweep swing take
talk taste teach
tear tease tell
test thank think
throw tie tip
touch train travel
treat trick trust
try turn twist
type undo use
visit wag wail
wait wake walk
wander wash waste
wave wear weigh
whistle wipe wish
work worry write

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2002 First School Years