A homograph is a word which has exactly the same spelling as another word but a different pronunciation or meaning. This list focuses on pairs of words with the same spelling but different pronunciations.

  bass: a fish / a deep voice or musical instrument
bow: used to fire arrows / to bend at the middle
buffet: a way of serving food / to hit repeatedly
does: present of do / more than one doe
entrance: where you go in / to enchant or delight
invalid: a disabled person / not valid
lead: to go out in front / a heavy metal
live: to have life / as it happens
minute: a period of time / very small
moped: a  two-wheeled motorised vehicle / past of mope
number: used for counting / more numb
pasty: a filled pastry / pale
polish/Polish: to rub something until it shines / somebody from Poland
prayer: a message to god / somebody who prays
pussy: a cat / oozing pus
read: to make sense of words / to have made sense of words
row: to use an oar or oars to move a boat / an argument
sow: to distribute seeds / a female pig
tear: to rip apart / a droplet of water from the eye
tinged: the sound a bell made / to have colour
wind: moving air / to turn in a circular motion
wound: an injury / past of wind

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2001 First School Years