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Developing Literacy: Word Level (Year 2)

An antonym is a word which has the opposite meaning to another.

above/below alive/dead
asleep/awake before/after
big/small black/white
brave/cowardly cheap/expensive
clean/dirty dangerous/safe
dark/light early/late
easy/difficult empty/full
false/true fast/slow
fat/thin first/last
flexible/rigid forwards/backwards
generous/mean good/bad
happy/sad hard/soft
healthy/ill high/low
hot/cold inside/outside
interesting/boring long/short
loose/tight many/few
messy/tidy narrow/wide
near/far nice/nasty
odd/even old/new
on/off open/closed
over/under past/future
pretty/ugly public/private
quiet/noisy rich/poor
right/left right/wrong
rough/smooth rude/polite
shallow/deep sharp/blunt
shiny/dull similar/different
strong/weak tall/short
tame/wild thick/thin
top/bottom up/down
warm/cool wet/dry
wise/foolish young/old

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