Worksheets and resources to support teaching and learning about consonant digraphs in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Consonant Digraphs

A consonant digraph is made up from two consonants which join together to produce a single sound. The most common consonant digraphs are ch-, sh-, th-, ph- and wh-. The following worksheets and activities help with consonant digraphs. This forms part of the National Literacy Strategy for Reception and Year 1.

Consonant Digraphs Word Lists (PDF)

ch- ph sh- th- wh- -ch   -sh   -th
Consonant Digraphs Words Worksheets and Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
'ch' sheet (R/1) Word 'th' sheet (R/1) Word
'ck' sheet (1) Word      

Consonant Digraph Links

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Recommended Consonant Digraphs Book

Phonicability Games: Digraphs

Authors:  Vera Conway, Jean De Lemos, Tony O'Donnell

Synopsis:  • Find the beginning (‘CK’ words) • Find the ending (‘CK’ words) • Give the dog a bone (single-syllable ‘CK’ words) • Missing ‘OO’s and ‘EE’s • The ‘OO’ and ‘EE’ matching game • The ‘AR’/’OR’ game • The ‘AR’/’OR’ quickie • The ‘SH’/’CH’ games • The tongue-between-your-teeth game • The ‘SH’/’CH’/’TH’ game

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