Worksheets and resources to support teaching and learning about consonant clusters (blends) in Early Years and Key Stage 1.


Consonant Clusters (Blends)

A consonant cluster (sometimes known as a consonant blend) is a group of consonants that appear together in a word without any vowels between them. When reading clusters, each letter within the cluster is pronounced individually. The following worksheets and activities help with initial and final clusters. These form part of the National Literacy Strategy for Year 1.

Online and Interactive Consonant Cluster Resources (Games, Interactive Whiteboard, etc.)
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
Consonant Clusters Matching Squares IOA Initial Clusters Spelling IOA
Final Clusters Spelling IOA Cluster Words Spelling IOA

Consonant Cluster Links

BBC Words & Pictures: Consonant Clusters  -  An online, interactive activity and some printable worksheets.
ICT Games  -  Scroll down to Cluster Buster, a flash-based activity.
Crickweb's Flash Studio  -  Scroll down to Word Wheel 2, another flash-based activity.
Primary Resources: Literacy  -  A few printable activities in PDF format.
Teaching Ideas: Hot Potato  -  An idea for a consonant cluster game.
Sadlier-Oxford: Blends  -  Interactive activity.

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