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Louis Braille

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Louis Braille was born in town near Paris, France in 1809. As a toddler he used to watch his father make shoes. One day, while his father was not watching, he picked up a sharp pointed tool for making holes in leather called an awl. The awl slipped, piercing his eye and damaging it beyond repair. The other eye became infected and before long Louis Braille was completely blind.

At the age of 10 Louis was sent to a school for blind children in Paris. Children were taught to read and write using a system of raised letters. This system was difficult to use as it was hard to tell the letters apart. One day a soldier called Charles Barbier visited the school. He had developed a system for reading messages in the dark based upon a series of raised dots. Louis Braille realised the potential of this system and developed it so that it could be used for blind people.

Louis Braille's system was not accepted at first. One Headteacher even banned the children from using it but this only spurred them on to learn it in secret. Soon the benefits of the new system were realised.

When Louis Braille grew up he became a teacher at the school in which he was a student. It was not until after his death, however, that his system was widely adopted. Today, Braille is used in almost every country in the world.


The Braille Alphabet

a b c d e f g h i j k l m
n o p q r s t u v w x y z
ch ed er gh ou ow sh th wh and for
of the with
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Authors:  Tessa Potter, Helena Owen

Synopsis:  Each title in this series tells the story of a man or woman whose dedication to their chosen cause led to changes that affect all our lives today. Each includes a vivid description of the world in which the famous person lived. This book describes how one blind French boy developed a system of reading, in the early part of the nineteenth century, that opened up the world to blind people everywhere. His development of a system of dots to represent letters was based on a military method of night communications. Through his story, the reader also learns what life was like for blind people then, and what a difference Braille made to them, while accurate drawings show how the Braille system works.

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